Weird Criminal Law Stories # 410: No Wiz in NYC…

NEW YORK: The headline read: “The suspect was no wiz.” It has been reported that a Brooklyn man police suspected of public urination was a 26-year-old who shot himself in the groin as he tried to hide his handgun from officers who thought he was relieving himself. Patrol officers spotted Javier Thomas at 1:00 am near a street corner with his back to them. Believing he was reliving himself the officers approached. However, Thomas was actually re-positioning his loaded Glock 19 he was carrying. Upon seeing the officers he tried to yank the gun from his trousers and in his haste he accidently pulled the trigger. The maimed Thomas tried to limp away from the scene but was caught by the police. They recovered the gun and Thomas has been charged with reckless endangerment and criminal possession of a weapon.


NEW YORK: Dying for a smoke? Last year a Staten Island smoker with an oxygen tank lit up a smoke last January and wound up burning himself to death. Richard Aguilar, 51, was at his home smoking in his recliner – his oxygen tank and breathing mask were on his left and his ashtray was on his right – when the incident occurred. It appears that his lit cigarette ignited his oxygen tank, fatally burning him. Aguilar suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.


NEW YORK: No niceness for a wannabe ISIS thug! A Buffalo judge has denied bail for a western New York man accused of attempting to support terrorism by buying combat gear, making overseas trips and declaring his allegiance online to ISIS. A federal judge in August agreed with the government that Arafat Nagi is too much of a flight risk and too dangerous to the community to be released following his arrest at his Lackawanna home. The case is now headed to a grand jury.


NEW YORK CITY: The report says that a note-passing bank robber who’s a sucker for sweets escaped with more than money. On his way out of the ban, he paused near the door and helped himself to one of the lollipops the bank keeps on hand for customer with children. We assume that the suspect, Jonathan Boston, also sucked as a robber for he was caught soon after the stickup with the loot and the lollipop.


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