Weird Criminal Law Stories # 411: Good Old England!

ENGLAND: She must have not been much of a girlfriend! A man was arrested for having sex with his girlfriend’s dog after she discovered a cell phone video of him doing the deed with the dog. The 19-year-old perv admitted to having sex with the bull terrier after the girlfriend took his phone to the police station and showed the footage. Upon his arrest police found him in possession of marijuana.


ENGLAND: The headline read: “This puppy should be in the doghouse.” Zeus a 6-month-old British greyhound blew up his owner’s house by chewing through a deodorant can. The can leaked flammable fumes near a hot water heater, which exploded when the boiler came on. No one was hurt. Kerry Leach, the puppy’s owner, was forgiving saying, “he’s just a pup that will chew through anything.”


ENGLAND: Fracking Nitwits, yes? A pair of anti-fracking protesters in England thought they would strike a blow for their cause by gluing themselves to a gas pump at a station owned by a company involved in the fracking process. Unfortunately, they didn’t know that the station had been recently sold. The new owner, who never fracked in his life, said he was “very annoyed with the stunt.”


ENGLAND: What, pray do tell, is fish pornography??? Nelson Nazare, 45, was ordered to spend six weeks in jail after he was caught with fish-abuse pornography on his phone. The St. Neots resident was originally arrested for harassing his wife but police later found the pornography and tacked on charges for possessing the extreme images…. Fish pornography???


ENGLAND: The wet work did not work. A man who allegedly stole money from a charity fountain in the town of Wells initially denied that he had taken anything when police stopped and questioned him – but piles of soggy coins gave him away. “He then started to run away and wet, loose change flew out of his pockets and onto the pavement,” inspector mark Nicholson said.




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