Weird Criminal Law Stories # 426: All Pennsylvania


PENNSYLVANIA: Greeting cards are supposed to be given to loved ones. Philly police are searching for a man who tried to rob a Hallmark store using a greeting card with the handwritten message inside which stated, “Give me all the money or I’ll kill you.” The cashier was so surprised she called over a co-worker. Then the would-be robber grabbed back the greeting card and fled.


PENNSYLVANIA: Police “liked” him on Facebook. Anthony Lescow, who was wanted on a warrant for assault, got cocky and posted the police department wanted poster of him on his Facebook page. That’s when an attractive woman coaxed Lescow to meet him for a cigarette. Yep, you guessed it! There was no attractive woman meeting him – just a team of undercover officers who promptly arrested him based on the warrant.


PENNSYLVANIA: The headline read: “Great tackle.” Pizza –delivery man Inomjon M got car-jacked and assaulted in Pittsburgh in February by two men. The next day, his pal spotted the vehicle and alerted M, who came by in another vehicle, which the car-jackers promptly rammed. They then tried to flee on foot, but with adrenaline pumping M chased down and tackled them and held them for police.


PENNSYLVANIA: Evil twin?? A man in this state tried to get out of robbery charges by contending his “evil twin” committed the crimes. Steve Felton, 34, used a pellet gun to rob ten gas stations in Allentown. Unfortunately, his “evil twin” defense did not work. It is now reported that a judge sentenced him to 62 to 124 years in state prison.


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