Weird Criminal Law Stories # 427: Booby Trap Bras!!


VIRGINIA: “Booby Trap Bras? “Brilliant! A woman who was assaulted recently has developed a self-defense bra equipped with pepper spray, and one with a razor sharp knife. She named it the “Booby Trap Bra.” The garment retails for $54.99 for the “Just in Case knife Bra” and 49.99 for the “Just in Case pepper Spray Bra.”


FLORIDA: The headline read: “Their mouths were clean but their hands were dirty.” Orange County deputies allege that 64-year-old Mary Curtiss and 44-year-old Clint Curtis led a racketeering operation that was responsible for stealing more than $100,000 in electronic toothbrush products and cash from Publix, Walmart, Walgreens and CVS stories throughout central Florida. The criminal complaint further alleges that the bulk of the money the two brought in came from stealing two particularly unusual items—high-end electronic and replacement toothbrush heads – then returning them as if they had legitimately purchased and pocketing the cash. Not only were the corporations losing money in the stolen merchandise, but they also lost money each time their employees processed a return. The Curtiss’s are being held in the Orange County Trial awaiting trial.


FLORIDA: We wonder why he did not renew his concealed-carry license?? Late last year, 2015, a Miami man was arrested for carrying a handgun outside of Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Andrew Gerson, a 36-year-old attorney actually faces charges of illegally carrying a concealed firearm. His concealed-carry license had expired a decade before in June of 2005. When a security guard checking bags at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom she noticed a strange bulge in in his pants. When she asked what was in his pants he said it was his anatomy. He then ran off. The security officer called an Orange County deputy who chased him and yelled for him to stop which he did. When the deputy asked whether he had a gun he said he did that he did and dropped to his knees. The handgun was confiscated. In addition to his arrest Gerson was given a “trespass,” which prohibits him from returning to a Disney property. Disney World regulations forbid weapons being brought onto the property.


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