Weird Criminal Law Stories # 428: Crime Report From North Korea!

NORTH KOREA: In April 2016, North Korea suffered its “first ever bank robbery in the history of the country,” according to a report from Radio Free Asia. The report revealed that thieves stole about $78,000 in North Koran currency form a bank in Chonjin, near the Chinese border.


OHIO: Greg knows no shame for his deed. A man convicted of trying to steal a TV from Walmart was given the opportunity to choose 30 days in jail or 80 hours standing outside the store wearing a T-shirt reading: “I am a thief.” Greg Davenport, 44, of Liberty Township, chose the latter. He said he isn’t embarrassed by the punishment. He went on to admit: “I stole, I got punished. That’s it.”



OKLAHOMA: A suspicious drone in OK bites the dust! It has been reported that a legal drone used by a construction company to inspect gutters on a home in Edmond, was shot down by a frightened woman who lived nearby. “Somebody thought… they were spying so the neighbor came out and shot it down,” said a spokesman for the County Sheriff’s Office.


PENNSYLVANIA: The headline read “Fake teen in court.” We learn that a judge recently dropped one charge against a 23-year-old Ukrainian man accused of faking his age while attending a Pennsylvania high school. However, Arthur Samarian, an honor student who passed himself off as 19, still awaits a hearing on other charges including identity theft, conspiracy, tampering with public records and having sex with an underage girl.


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