Weird Criminal Law Stories # 431: Bacon Flavored Bloody Mary Mix?

OKLAHOMA: Bacon flavored Bloody Mary Mix bust? A bartender was arrested for infusing vodka with bacon – infuriating his boss, who alleges that he will take the police to court over this. Police contend that soaking the meat in alcohol violates state liquor-production laws. However, the bar owner stands by his special Bloody Mary blend.


OREGON: The headline suggested that “A getaway car would be more useful than a getaway tree.” It has been reported that a 28-year-old man stole $1,373 from a credit union in Bend and then used some of the money to buy a Christmas tree. When police caught up to him, he was trying to hide behind the tree. Of course, it didn’t work. Brett Gillespie said he robbed the credit union because he needed money for rent and Christmas expenses.


PENNSYLVANIA: What a poor escape artist! James Williams, a Pittsburgh man was caught for allegedly driving a stolen car. When accosted by the police Williams jumped into the Ohio River before police nabbed him. At a hospital, Williams tried bolting again, by taking off his clothes and hiding in a dumpster. Again, he was caught shortly thereafter.


OREGON: It appears that feathers were flying at the tax collector’s office. Louis Adler, 66, was so angry with the tax department that he brought seven live chickens with him to the Eugene Office of the Oregon Department of Revenue. Adler was cited for trespassing and banned from the building. The chickens were taken to an animal shelter, however not before they relieved themselves in the Revenue office.


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