Weird Criminal Law Stories # 464: Prison for “bum” doctor

MARYLAND: The headline read, “Prison for bum doctor.” A man accused of injecting misbranded silicone into people’s rear ends in hotel-room procedures was recently sentenced to 14 years in federal prison after one of his clients died.  The prosecution’s allocution at sentencing revealed that Vinnie Taylor of Wilmington, North Carolina, pleaded guilty to receiving and selling misbranded silicone for buttock injections that led to a woman’s death in March 2014. Taylor, who is not a medical doctor, told clients that the procedure was safe and involved medical-grade silicone.


NEW JERSEY:  What’s in a name?A police officer with the interesting name of William H. Dick III was charged with misconduct and witness tampering following accusations that he had on-duty sex with a prostitute. The “pro” reported the incident to police in Greenwich Township. The officer was released after posting bail and was suspended without pay.


NEW MEXICO: A body camera bust! A policeman was arrested after accidentally recording himself with a body camera giving marijuana to his girlfriend. Grants police Sgt. Roshern McKinney was released from jail on bond for this incident. Unfortunately, he has also been accused of embezzling $785 and keeping an 8-ounce brick of marijuana not submitted to the police department’s evidence vault.


NEW YORK CITY: The human fly that had secret info for Donald Trump dumped. A Manhattan judge recently granted bail to the human fly who scaled Trump Tower in August, 2016, in hopes of personally meeting with Donald Trump.  At the bail hearing prosecutors revealed that the man wanted to give the Republican presidential nominee “secret information” for his potential presidency. Stephen Rogata, 19, was arraigned through a closed circuit video feed from the Bellevue Hospital psych ward. Bail was set at $10,000. Rogata had been arrested on August 10, 2016 for scaling Trump Tower from a fifth floor atrium. Using suction cups Rogata made it to the 21st floor police pulled inside the building.


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