Weird Criminal Law Stories # 463: Carlos the Booty Grabber?

NEW YORK CITY: The headline read: “No dough for the Booty Grabber.” A $2 million lawsuit filed by a Queens’s man who was dubbed “Carlos the Booty Grabber” was tossed out by a Brooklyn judge who didn’t buy his claims that he was falsely arrested.  Alan Radin sued NYC in 2014 after getting handcuffed the year before on charges that he groped two women near St. John’s University. Radin, 35, was cleared of forcible-touching and harassment but said that his life had been ruined over the arrests and the moniker he was given in news reports. The Brooklyn judge ruled that the police had probable cause to arrest Radin because he was positively identified by the victims.


OKLAHOMA: The Twinkies were stuffed with meth!  Police in Oklahoma City enlisted a drug-detecting dog after pulling over a driver who was weaving in and out of traffic on Interstate 40. The police dog went straight for a suspiciously resealed box of Twinkies and the car’s two out-of-state occupants were arrested on drug-trafficking charges.


PENNSYLVANIA: Liar, liar, panties on fire. A former state beauty queen who faked having leukemia to benefit from fund-raisers has been sentenced to two to four years in prison. A judge in Bellefonte sentenced Brandi Weaver, 24. She pleaded guilty in July, 2016. Investigators believe that she conned at least 165 people into donating $30,000 to her fraudulent scheme.


AUSTRALIA: The headline read: “He robbed himself blind.” A clumsy bandito accidentally pepper-sprayed himself, according to a police report. The thief and a partner stole sleep-apnea gear and ran from a Perth pharmacy, but a worker chased them down. One of the bandits whipped out a can of Mace. Unfortunately, the can was facing the wrong direction when he pressed down on the nozzle.


FLORIDA: The dead undead?? It has been recently reported that the federal government drained a Port Orange man’s bank account, claiming that he was dead – but according to the angry man himself, he says he is very much alive. Lee Miller a 70-year-old veteran contends that government officials left his account with only $80. When Lee complained to the government, they told him he had died four years earlier in 2012.


FLORIDA: “Family?”  A man with a neck tattoo that reads “Family” was arrested for pointing a gun at his younger sister. Christopher Burns, 21, allegedly fired several shots into the ground in front of his 19-year-old sister outside their Orange Park home because she destroyed his stash of the drug ecstasy in the pocket of his pants by washing them.




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