Weird Criminal Law Stories # 462: Mayor Arrested in Sex for Meth Sting!

VIRGINIA: Mayor busted in meth for sex sting! What next? A Virginia mayor was facing drug charges recently after his arrest in a meth-for-sex sting. Three-term Fairfax Mayor R. Scott Silverthorne was arrested after meeting at a hotel with undercover detectives he connected with through a Website used to arrange casual sexual encounters. Police revealed that they had an idea they were pursuing the mayor from the beginning of the investigation, based on a tip that Silverthorne, 50, was involved with a Website where he was exchanging meth for sex, according to Fairfax County police. The undercover detectives agreed to meet for a group sexual encounter in exchange for meth – They were all men.


NEW YORK:  Son of a gun, maybe? The son of Syracuse’s police chief was arrested this past summer with six others on drug charges. Chief Frank Fowler’s son, Frank Jr., 25, was being held in lieu of $100,000 bail, the local newspaper reported. Fowler and the others were found with drugs in an apartment by officers investigating a noise complaint, police said. Chief Fowler declined to comment on the arrest.


OHIO: Ring, ring, bang, bang… A man tried to answer his cellphone while under nitrous oxide at the dentist’s office. Unfortunately, he mistakenly grabbed his pistol and shot himself in the hand. James White, 72, thought he heard his phone ringing and somehow set off his gun – with the bullet going through his hand and grazing his stomach. We learn that the New Carlisle Dental Group is now considering prohibiting weapons. And, none too soon!


OHIO: They were called a pair of tater haters. Two teens robbed a Dayton woman of her groceries – and then proceeded to pelt her with her own potatoes. The woman had been walking home from a grocery store when the teens attacked. She called 911, and the dispatchers asked if they had any weapons. “No, but those potatoes hurt,” the woman said.

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