Weird Criminal Law Stories # 461: Face Eating Psycho…

FLORIDA: A face eating psycho…why? The mother of a Florida State University student charged with fatally stabbing couple and then biting the man’s face told police her son had been acting strangely and claimed to have superpowers but had no history of mental illness or of heavy drug use. Mrs. Mina Harrouff called Jupiter police about three hours after her son, Austin Harrouff, 19, stormed out of a restaurant following an argument with his father. She advised police that Austin had been acting strangely for a week and believed he had superpowers and that he contended he was on earth to “protect people.”  Nevertheless, it was learned later that 45 minutes after he left the restaurant Austin was arrested after being spotted by Martin County police mauling the body and biting the face of John Stevens, 59. Austin allegedly attacked Steven and his wife, Michelle, 53, stabbing them multiple times with a pocket knife while they sat in their garage at their home.


GERMANY: OOOPPPPSSS!! It has been reported that a little old lady filled out a crossword puzzle at a German museum only to find it was piece of modern art worth $89,000. The 1965 artwork by artist Arthur Koepcke featured the phrase “insert words” which the 91-year-old woman took too literally. Official at Nuremberg’s Neues Museum called police but the owner just laughed it off, insisting that that the piece could be restored.


PENNSYLVANIA: Brainiac? A man stole a human brain from a science lab, and used it to get high. Joshua long, 26, of Carlisle, allegedly dipped his marijuana in the formaldehyde used to preserve the brain and then stashed the brain under his porch. A frightened relative called police when she found the brain wrapped in a shopping bag under the porch. Of course, you know that dipping marijuana into formaldehyde turns the weed into what is known as “angel dust.”


PENNSYLVANIA: The headline read: “Gal’s bra a 3G cup: cops. A supervisor at Sands Casino Resort in Bethlehem tried to steal $3,000 worth of chips from a craps table by hiding them in her bra. Brandy Cheatham, 44, admitted to hiding $500 chips in her bra while in a casino elevator, authorities say. She could not be reached for further comment for this report.




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