Weird Criminal Law Stories # 473:Why he prefers grandma

SOUTH CAROLINA: We now know why he prefers grandma. A Spartanburg mother was arrested on Mother’s Day for child cruelty after she repeatedly slapped her young son in the face. The mother, Shontrell Murphy, 30, became enraged after she learned that her son had made a Mother’s Day card for his grandmother – but not one for her.


PENNSYLVANIA: NSANE? A woman was arrested for walking around outside in her underwear to bother her neighbors, police said. Linda Corp, 76 was charged with harassment, disorderly conduct, and public intoxication. Police report that Ms. Corp allegedly made 16 phone calls to 911 earlier in the month and had been spotted strolling the neighborhood in her underwear, ringing doorbells and screaming in the street.


PENNSYLVANIA: The headline read: “His lawyer was lousy and drowsy!” James Nassida, a Pittsburgh businessman convicted of mortgage fraud has won a new trial. It appears that Nassida’s lawyer, Stan Levenson, wasn’t “functioning as counsel” because he was seen sleeping throughout parts of Nassida’s October Trial, the federal judge recently ruled.


SOUTH DAKOTA: He just had to save the beer! A man here was arrested after he allegedly ran back into his burning home to save his beer.  As firefighters were working to put out the fire a man rushed past, trying to reach his drink. The Sioux Falls Police Department tweeted, “1 in custody after obstructing fire and police. It is not advisable to push past PD and Fire in an attempt to ‘save your beer’ #besmart.”


TEXAS: Policeman in trouble… A police Officer in Austin whose duties include administering Breathalyzer tests, has been fired for showing up to work drunk, officials report. The officer had to take a breath test for his job and blew a .06, police said. However, they believe his BAC was closer to. 08, the standard for drunk driving.


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