Weird Criminal Law Stories # 472: XXXtracurricular activity

NEVADA: XXXtracurricular activity? After a fire captain was charged with having sex with a prostitute in Station 47, female EMT called him a scapegoat for rampant sex. Over several years, she said she has more than 50 sexual encounters at Sin City fire stations with at least seven different firefighters. Fire Chief William McDonald upon learning this confession cut visiting hours and installed surveillance cameras at all 20 city fire stations.


MICHIGAN: Forgery trouble? An elected official in a small town is serving a 90-day jail sentence after he was accused of forging documents to impress an overseas mistress. Charles Rogers is a member of the of the village council in Northport, north of Traverse City.  Authorities say he created divorce documents with forged signatures of court officials and sent them to a woman in London. The woman contacted Roger’s wife who reached out to police. Police pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor.


NEW JERSEY: Why the Bunny Suit? It wasn’t Easter. A man who donned a bunny costume and blew an air horn inside Hopatcong Police Department headquarters in New Jersey, pled guilty in late April to disorderly conduct. Kevin Hemmerich was fined $500 for the weird November incident that also led to charges against officer Nicholas Maresca who was caught on tape punching out Hemmerich while in the headquarters. Maresca’s trial is set for July.


OHIO: On poor penmanship… We learn that an Ohio’s criminal handwriting was so illegible that the store clerk he was trying to rob couldn’t read his note demanding cash. The clerk handed the note back to Dion Taylor, 22, asked him to read it. “This is a robbery, please be quiet. Don’t let your pride get you killed,” Taylor allegedly read. The clerk handed over cash and a pack of Newports. Taylor was arrested the next day.


OKLAHOMA: The headline read: “She’s an attorney at raw.” An Oklahoma lawyer was so furious at drivers who parked their cars in front of her parents’ million-dollar home that she pelted their cars with raw eggs, say police. Kelly Hensley of the town of Nichols Hill, 37, was arrested on charges of “molesting a standing vehicle.”



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