Weird Criminal Law Stories # 443: Pig Heads???

HUNGARY: Pig heads?? A Hungarian member of the European parliament whipped up controversy in mid-August, 2016 by suggesting that displaying pig heads on a border fence would be an effective way to scare Muslim immigrants from entering the EU-member country. Gyorgy Schopflin made the suggestion in response to local putting up carved root-vegetable, human-like masks at the border.


ILLINOIS: The headline read, “Bloody sundae.” One summer day a Chicago bandit robbed an ice-cream truck with an assault rifle. It is reported that the thief pulled the weapon, demanded cash and the keys to the truck and fled in the vehicle. No arrest has been made.

JAPAN: The headline called it the “Seat of Dreams.” A shopper who fell asleep testing a massage chair in a Japanese mall awoke to discover he had been locked inside the store. He had dozed off at the electronics shop Ka and woke up hours later alone and in the dark. How was he rescued? He begged help from his twitter followers. Allegedly, the sleepyhead tweeted, “Oh man, I’m locked in! We learn that police soon set him free.


KENTUCKY: It’s best to stay awake on any job, dummy! A man, who broke into a number of cars in the town of Harrodsburg, was arrested sleeping in one of those vehicles, while still wearing a mask and black gloves on his hands. Police authorities report that Matthew Stewart, 35, of Louisville, faces theft, criminal mischief and criminal trespassing. DUMMY!!


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