Weird Criminal Law Stories # 446: Praise the Lord and Pass the Bible!

ALABAMA: Praise the Lord and pass the Bible! A jail guard has been charged with trying to smuggle drugs inside a Bible. Kenneth Lawson, 32, of Florence was arrested recently during a shift change when fellow officers found the prescription narcotic Suboxone hidden inside his bible, according to a report by the county sheriff. Lawson was also found with tobacco and was charged with trying to bring contraband into the Lauderdale County jail. Lawson had been working at the jail for only three months at the time of his arrest.


FLORIDA: There’s always room for one more…. Florida sheriff deputies loading prisoners into a transport van didn’t have to work very hard to find one more customer after a woman high on drugs side-swiped the police van. Emily Spiess, 30, allegedly added injury to insult when she ran over the foot of one of the deputies as she was being arrested on assault and battery charges.


TEXAS: Dummy evidence room police officer? Houston prosecutors had to drop 90 narcotics cases when a police evidence room became overcrowded and an officer thought the best solution was to destroy some of the clutter. Bad move! One defendant was about to take a pleas bargain of six years in prison when his attorney learned that the meth seized from his client had been destroyed.


PENNSYLVANIA: Dumpster diving ban in Philly??? Philadelphia is urging residents not to swim in dumpsters after a rented bin was filled
with fire-hydrant water and turned into a swimming pool. After a wild summer weekend block party, the Department of Licenses and Inspections said the city won’t again issue permits for dumpster pools. Citing numerous health risks, an agency representative said, “You would think this decision would not require an explanation.”



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