Weird Criminal Law # 444: Only in Florida Folks!!!

FLORIDA: Crystal meth donut frosting, maybe??? A Florida man is accusing police of wrongful arrest, claiming police arrested him after mistaking donut frosting for crystal meth. Dan Rushing, 64, of Orlando said he gave police permission to search his car after they stopped him for running through a stop sign. “They said, ‘We found what we thought was crack cocaine in the beginning, but now think it’s methamphetamine,’” he recalled. The meth turned out to be nothing more than Krispy Kreme. “Every Wednesday I stop at Krispy Kreme and get a donut there” he said. “And they found four little flakes of the icing.” Court records reveal that Rushing was charged with possession of meth in the traffic stop. But the arrest was later voided a month later when the crime lab test showed it was, in fact icing. Police insist it was a lawful drug arrest because a roadside test showed the icing was meth. Rushing indicates that he is now considering a lawsuit. “I just don’t want this to happen to anybody else,” he said.


FLORIDA: The headline read: “It’s a crime of Jurassic proportions.” A man wearing a dinosaur costume was arrested after he whipped out a fake rifle and tried to start a flash mob at a public park in the town of Cocoa. Police report that the 19-year-old scared park-goers who thought he was waving a real rifle. Yes, he was arrested for disturbing the peace.


FLORIDA: The headline read: “Caught orange-handed.” A Florida inmate was arrested for eating a drawing made with orange crayon – and soaked in liquid speed. Authorities report that Robert Eanes, 27, was munching the kiddy art – which featured a smiley-faced sun – when a guard spotted his tasteless snack. It appears that Eanes had several “speed”-drenched pieces of art which had been sent to him in the Broward County jail.


FLORIDA: Child Abuse??? A Florida man faces a child-abuse charge after he beat an 8-year-old boy and threatened to feed him to alligators. The child told police authorities that Dereck Dunn, 28, took him to a pond behind their Palm Coast home and made the threat. Of course, Dunn told Sheriff’s deputies he was only joking and denied hitting the boy. We learn further that Dunn was able to post a $7,500 bond in order to be released from custody pending trial.


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