Weird Criminal Law Stories # 447: “A Real Shed of Doubt”

NEBRASKA: A politician with a real shed of doubt… Retired Army Col. Tom Brewer, who is running for a seat in the state legislature, was accused of listing a phony address – a machine shed – while actually living in another district 400 miles away. So Brewer scheduled an open house to show off the renovated shed, which he says has bedrooms, bathrooms, and a kitchen. Secretary of State John Gale said the complaint was filed too late anyway, so Brewer will be allowed to run for the district 43 seat.


NEW HAMPSHIRE: What a doll!  Police officers in the town of Keen broke into a locked car to save a baby from the brutal summer heat – unfortunately, all they found was a very realistic doll. A Keen Police Lieutenant feared the worse when she responded to calls about a baby in a hot car in a Walmart parking lot. The police Lieutenant said that she put her finger in the infant’s mouth only to find resistance and realized, “this is a doll.” It was later discovered that the doll is one of approximately forty owned by a Vermont resident Ms. C.S. who collects dolls to help her deal with the death of her infant son.


NEW JERSEY: Kiddie jail mail drug scam. A woman was accused of using children’s drawings to smuggle drugs to her boyfriend in a New Jersey jail. A K-9 unit at Somerset County jail found Suboxone was concealed in the drawings addressed to inmate Michael Gill officials say. Authorities arrested Gill’s girlfriend, Casey Giles 37, on drug smuggling charges.


NEW YORK CITY: The headline read: “Water gun in drag rob.” A cross-dressing crook who wore a dress and bra during a Staten island bank robbery admitted he was armed – but with only a water gun. Jordan Wise, 24, allegedly told federal authorities he used the toy to hold up a bank in Stapleton in July while wearing a long black-and-white dress, silver heels, sunglasses, bra and sequined hat, according to the criminal complaint wise turned himself in after police released surveillance video of him allegedly making off with $780 in cash while dressed as a woman. Oh my!




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