Weird Criminal Law Stories # 448: Greasy Guy?

CANADA: Greasy guy? A Royal Canadian Mint employee allegedly smuggled out $140,000 in gold by hiding the nuggets in his rectum. Leston Lawrence, 35, had set off a metal detector at work more than any other employee but kept passing pat-down searches. He was arrested only when police found him selling large amounts of gold and then wiring money overseas. More importantly, authorities reveal that the police also discovered another clue – a jar of Vaseline in Lawrence’s work locker.

ALABAMA: This Judge learned the hard way that the U.S. Constitution trumps state law! The chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, charged with defying federal court rulings that permit same-sex marriage, was suspended in September, 2016 after having been found guilty of violating judicial ethics. Chief Judge Roy Moore, 69, had been previously tried on charges that he violated Alabama’s canons of judicial ethics with his January 2016 order that said probate judges were bound by state law banning gay marriage. The Alabama Court of the judiciary suspended Moore for this action, effective immediately, without pay.

FLORIDA: Dizzy mom posts toddler-drive video. A mom was charged with child neglect after instructing her 7-year-old son to drive her car on a public street through their neighborhood in a suburb of Orlando. The Seminole County Sheriff’s office reports that 34-year-old Kwaniqua Glenn was arrested in early October 2016. She was also charged with allowing an unlicensed person to drive a motor vehicle. Allegedly, Glenn told her son to get behind the wheel and then filmed him from the passenger seat as he drove a third of a mile at a speed of 28 mph. The Sheriff’s office reported further that she posted the video on social media.


FLORIDA: Talk about bad luck….  A 28-year-old man was injured when a truck – the one he had been driving moments earlier — ran over his leg. The man had just left the Dancers Royale strip club in Orlando when he fell out of his pickup truck and the runaway ford rolled over his right leg, according to the highway patrol. Unfortunately, the truck kept going until it crashed into a house, injuring a woman inside. Moral of the story – stay out of strip clubs.

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