Weird Criminal Law Stories # 449: Hut, hut, Hitler?

CONNECTICUT: Hut, hut Hitler…. The headmaster of Greenwich High School apologized after the school’s football team named one of its plays “Hitler.” Chris Winters issued the apology in October, 2016, maintaining the designation offensive and saying that the use of the play had been discontinued. Debbie Levinson of the town of Turnbull told news media her son’s freshman football team was playing Greenwich when Greenwich players charged onto the field shouting “Hitler!” She said the signal for the play was an index finger laid across the upper lip. The football team and coaches later met with the state Anti-defamation league to make certain they understood why the name of the play was offensive.

FLORIDA: Catch me if you can! A suspected thief in Tampa taunted police on Facebook with a photo of a poster for the movie “Catch Me if You Can.” The police responded, “Challenge accepted.”  Two weeks later Cameron Cox, 24, was arrested and charged with numerous crimes, including dealing in stolen property, burglary, grand theft, petty theft and giving false information to a pawnbroker. Cox is in custody. Police went on to gloat on his Facebook page, “When he is done serving his sentence, maybe Cox should update his profile with his mugshot.”


FLORIDA: Pot fear! We learn that a 33-year-old South Florida woman is facing multiple criminal charge after a sheriff’s deputy found marijuana in her young niece’s lunchbox during a traffic stop. A deputy stopped Tasha Sims and then smelled marijuana, according to an arrest report. Ms. Sims admitted that she put marijuana in the girl’s lunchbox because she was afraid when she was pulled over, the deputy reported.

INDIA: Snake venom? Who knew?? Police in northern India seized millions of dollars’ worth of a valuable drug – snake venom. West Bengal authorities report. “We had information that some of the containers of snake venom made in France would be coming through Bangladesh,” police spokesperson Sanjay Dutta said. Allegedly, snake venom is a big seller on the black market.




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