Weird Criminal Stories # 450: Invasion of Privacy…Bzzz ?

ILLINOIS: Invasion of privacy for certain! Good luck with this suit…We have learned that a hot-and-bothered woman is suing the makers of a so-called “smart vibrator,” claiming it keeps track of when and how she uses it. The woman insists in her law suit that “We-Vibe” – a sex toy for couples that attached to a smartphone – has been monitoring the dates and times she uses it, along with her vibration settings. She is suing its maker, Standard Innovation for invasion of privacy.


INDONESIA: This was one way to lessen the tedium of a traffic jam. We learn that drivers stuck in traffic were stunned when a massive video billboard suddenly began broadcasting a pornographic movie. The footage was broadcast for a few minutes at a major intersection in Jakarta, forcing authorities to scramble to cut off electricity. Police are still probing whether hackers were responsible.

MAINE: The headline read: “Love knows no borders.” A Maine man determined to visit his girlfriend in Canada will spend two months in jail after paddling across the border on an air mattress. John Bennett was previously rejected at one border crossing because of a criminal mischief charge in his hometown of Calais. So, he bought an air mattress and paddled across the St. Croix River.


MISSOURI: Wham, Bam, Plop, Zoom… A burglar in Kansas City got a great surprise when he walked into a home, pointed his gun at the occupant – and was hit by a 30-pound, 50-inch flat screen TV. “I hopped up and grabbed it and threw it like that at him and chased him out,” said homeowner John Sullivan, who tossed the television to protect his wife and four young sons.

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