Weird Criminal Law Stories # 451: All NYC!

NEW YORK CITY: Prison for ID spree! A woman who used stolen hospital records to fraudulently order more than $1 million in designer goods from Saks Fifth Avenue and other retailers was sentenced at the end of October 216, to four to eight years in prison. Krystle Steed 31 had earlier pled guilty to charges including grand larceny and identity theft in Manhattan Supreme Court. The facts of the case revealed that she had operated the scam with her Navy veteran husband, Kyle Steed, 31, who had been an employee of Lenox Hill Hospital and had pilfered records from more than 80 emergency room patients. The couple allegedly stole $300,000 in high end merchandise from January 2014 to February 2015. Kyle had been previously sentenced to five years’ probation for his role the case.


NEW YORK CITY: Under Bed Baby lives! A negligent and irresponsible mother ditched her 5-month-old son at a Bronx shelter, where he spent three days under a beduntil he was found in mid-September, 2016. The baby was found with a phone cord wrapped around his neck at the Summit Avenue shelter. Unfortunately, police are still seeking the whereabouts of the mother, Shakira Spaights, 41. It is reported that Spaights has 15 prior arrests, including for drug possession and prostitution.


NEW YORK CITY: Deacon Bigamist Bust! A Brooklyn women outted her church-deacon husband after learning he had a second wife. Arturo Reid, 65, was arrested on bigamy charges in September, 2016, after his wife of twelve years discovered he was married to another woman in Pennsylvania. Reid’s wife, Annette, 70, contacted authorities in June to report her husband had wedded another woman after finding a receipt dated February 2015 from the Lehigh County marriage License Bureau that listed him as the “Payor” on a marriage application. Detectives went on to determine that Reid had married an unidentified woman on March 13, 2015.

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