Weird Criminal Law Stories # 441:Better Than a Bust in the Mouth

ALABAMA: This was better than a bust in the mouth! An Alabama woman dialed 911 then hid her cell phone in her bra during an attempted kidnapping. The sharp 911 dispatcher was able figure out and plot where the armed kidnapper and woman were through the cell phone’s coordinate readings from various cell towers they passed. She was then able to send police to the rescue.

TENNESSEE: What a weird little event! James and Isabelle Lassiter were at the Wasabi Japanese Steak house in Murfreesboro, when the tableside chef took out a doll that sprays water when its pants are pulled down and hit Isabelle in the face whileaiming for the stove cooktop. James labelled this a “sexual assault on my wife.” they called police but no one was arrested. An officer noted in his report, “I have observed the toy to have no penis and just a hole.” Managers agreed that chefs will now ask patrons before they whip it out.


PENNSYLVANIA: Patience, patience is always best. A man who stole an ambulance because paramedics weren’t working fast enough landed in jail for his impatience. David Karosus, 56, got tired of medics treating his leg, so he jumped  into their ambulance and took off. He was soon caught and later was sentenced to a term of 15 to 30 months in prison for grand theft auto and driving with a suspended license.


RHODE ISLAND:  Will we ever learn why these women were taking showers at his home?  Inquiring minds would like to know! A doctor in this state has been sentenced to prison for hiding a camera in a bathroom in his home and recording a woman and a 16-year-old girl getting in and out of the shower. William Thompson was sentenced under a plea agreement to 18 months behind bars. The anesthesiologist pleaded guilty to two counts of video voyeurism. He was charged in 2015 after police say he hid the camera in a bathroom in his East Greenwich home.




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