Weird Criminal Law Stories # 440: Nothing Behind the Behind….

RUSSIA: In this case the police cannot get behind the behind! Russian police admit that they cannot get “behind” neighbors upset with a woman who enjoys sun-tanning her rear end – by sticking her legs out of an open second floor window and exposing her bare buttocks. Police in Novosibirsk say they cannot force someone to cover up when they are still technically inside their own home.


TENNESSEE: Flighty Booze Bust?  We learn that a Delta Air Lines flight attendant has been charged with stealing 1,500 mini-bottles of liquor from her job and selling them online. Rachel Trevor, 28, has been indicted on charges including theft, unlawful sale of alcohol and unauthorized transportation of alcohol, according to the Shelby County District Attorney’s office. The indictment alleges that she would put small bottles in her bag after a flight, and then post them for sale on Craigslist. The bottles sell for $8 on flights, but Ms. Trevor was allegedly selling them for $1 apiece.


TEXAS: The headline read: “What the buck?” A police officer arrested a middle-school student for using an “allegedly fake” $2 bill. However, the officer later found that the bill was too oldto be recognized by his counterfeit-detecting pen. The zealous officer drove Danesiah Neal, 13, out of the cafeteria after she used the legal tender to buy chicken tenders. The officer learned the money was real after taking it to a bank later that day. We hope that the arrest was voided.


PENNSYLVANIA: The headline read; “Swords and stoned.” A one-armed man was so mad at his brother-in-law for refusing to allow him to continue to smoke marijuana at his sister’s home that he slashed the man’s nose with a samurai sword. Todd Clark, 51, first tried to smack his relative with a cane but stumbled and struck his sister instead. Police report that he then grabbed the sword and sliced a two-inch in his brother-in-law’s nose. OUCH.


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