Weird Criminal Law Stories # 439:Chopstick Slaying

JAPAN: The headline read: “Son in chopstick slay.” A Japanese man was arrested after admitting to killing his elderly father with a chopstick. Michikazu Ikeuchi, 51, said he stabbed his 80-year-old father in the throat with the wooden utensil after a fight broke out in their Osaka home. Ikeuchi told police that he had tried to stop his parents from arguing and he did not intend to kill his father but said he was angry when he waved the chopstick in front of his father, and before he knew it, it got stuck in him. The chopstick was a foot long, used mostly for cooking. He called police immediately after the incident. No report on whether charges will be brought against the son.

NEW YORK: There is a lot of nasty symbolism with respect to the evidence in this case – she obviously hated the man. Charlene Mess, 49, of Attica pleaded guilty to manslaughter and faces up to 25 years in prison. Why? The evidence revealsthat she hit her farmer husband, Douglas Mess, 52, with a pitchfork, shot him in the head and finally buried him in manure. Mr. Mess had been reported missing by his son, setting off a seven hour search. Nasty symbolism, indeed!


MICHIGAN: Misfortune? It has been reported that a CEO of a mental health organization in this state allegedly embezzled $500,000 to use on fortune tellers. Ervin Brinker, the former head of Summit Pointe in Battle Creek, admitted spending the money on a palm reader and her husband in Key West, Florida. We understand that Brinker is now facing a 32 month prison stretch in Michigan.


NEW JERSEY:  Pervs beware!!! In May 2016 Governor Chris Christie signed into law a bill that makes it “upskirting” a crime. The measure criminalizes the surreptitious recording or photographing of a person’s undergarments, under the state’s invasion of privacy laws. It also makes the act of publishing “upskirt” images an offense, punishable with prison and fine. Perverts beware!!!


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