Weird Criminal Law Stories # 437: All Florida Stories

FLORIDA: He typically mailed the letters. This time – bad news — he showed up in person. Orange County deputies say last Christmas, 2015, 69-year-old Jose Santana had sent 40 handwritten letters to his estranged wife of 45 years, threatening to hurt her and their family if she ever called the police. Nevertheless she decided to call at Christmas when he hand-delivered the letter to her door. He left the letter at her door and departed. In the letter, deputies say that Santana wrote that “he wanted to decapitate her and make history in Florida.” The letter further stated that “I want to hurt you so bad.” and indicated further still that he was not afraid of going to jail. Records show that Santana’s wife has filed for a domestic-violence injunction against him. He was arrested the day after Christmas on charges of stalking and making written threats to kill or do bodily harm. Kook!


 FLORIDA: Vicious Swan? The headline read: “It was a fowl day for this police officer.” An unnamed police officer was caught on video fleeing from a swan that chased him out of Orlando’s Lake Eola Park as he rode a bicycle. The Orlando Police Department tweeted the footage, noting, “You can’t imagine the hazards our officers face out there every day.”

FLORIDA: Con Man!!! It has been reported that when attorney Kenneth Andrews first met his new client, Donald Mitchell, at the Seminole County jail, Mitchell walked out of lock up looking like a “Superstar,” while dressed in a white jail jumpsuit, not blue like most other inmates, and wearing tinted gold framed glasses. Mitchell was a star of sorts who gained cache while in the jail because he is the inmate who conned his lawyer into smuggling a new iPhone past corrections authorities, an act that left the attorney locked up in the same jail. Mitchell also threatened a judge and tore up a jail security camera.


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