Weird Criminal Law Stories # 436: A Bridge too Far?

GERMANY: Sex at the top of the bridge! A German couple who took exhibitionism to new heights were arrested for indulging in sexual intercourse on top of a bridge. It appears that the lovers climbed hundreds of feet onto an arch of the Kaiserlei Bridge in Frankfurt, peeled of their clothes and proceeded to do the “humpy pumpy.” Police had to close the Autobahn to bring the couple down and arrest them for lewd public behavior.


CHINA: A Chinese driver reached for the stars and got his car towed. The young motorist, who has 27 tickets on his record, offered a tale from outer space when he was pulled over in Zhejiang province. “You have your regulations, but we have our regulations in the Milky Way as well. I’m from a royal family. If you let me go, then I will let this incident pass. But, if you piss me off, I will be forced to destroy the Earth,” he raved in a caught-on camera rant. His car was then towed to an impound lot. The earth survives, after all!


VIRGINIA: His conduct led to a real “High School!” Shop teacher Dominic Leuzzi, 23, was arrested for allegedly allowing students to smoke marijuana in class at Academy of Virginia Alternative High School in Henrico County. Leuzzi was charged with contributing to the delinquency of minors.


TEXAS: There was no mistake – he wore boxers and not briefs. We learn that a pair of boxer shorts could be the best evidence in solving a robbery. The evidence that is known is that a careless bandito covered his face when he held up a convenience store in Waco, but he accidently flashed his bright blue skivvies during the heist, video footage revealed. Waco police authorities say that people may know the individual and recognize him by his boxer shorts.


WISCONSIN: Taco Bell Shootout? We learn that when a late-night Taco Bell customer got home and discovered that his order did not include the sour cream he had ordered, he phoned and was told the restaurant had closed for the night but that he could return for a free meal the next morning. That offer did not satisfy the customer’s rage, so he returned to the restaurant with a gun, took several potshots at the bulletproof drive-thru window and fled.




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