Weird Criminal Law Stories 45

Happy April Fool’s Day everyone.  Enjoy the day by reading a few of Birdsong’s weird criminal law stories.

Greenfield, CA: A California man was arrested on human-trafficking charges after complaining to cops that he hadn’t been paid by a youth — to whom he had allegedly sold his 14 year old daughter for $16,000, 100 cases of beer and several cases of meat.  Police think that the Greenfield girl willingly went with the 18 year old “buyer,” but busted him too.

Can you believe kids today!

Texas: A man who would have been sentenced to six months probation for a petty crime got those 180 days behind bars instead when he fled custody at a Texas courthouse just before his sentencing.  making matters worse James Carroll Franklin led police on a car chase through three counties.

Dude!  They weren’t even going to put you in jail!

Manchester, NH: Whatever happened to plain old arsenic, you might ask?  a New Hampshire woman has been arrested for allegedly trying to kill her husband by dumping  half a bottle of eye drops into his tea.  But instead of dying, Tonia Peterson’s husband suffered only stomach problems — albeit for two months.


Amsterdam, NY: Talk about bait and switch!  An upstate New York man was arrested after eating a lobster he bought, then reassembling the pieces and exchanging it for crab legs after claiming the lobster was spoiled.  The clever, if amoral, resident of  the town of  Amsterdam near Schenectady had already begun devouring the crab legs when cops caught up with him.


Idaho:  These guys are giving lawmen a bad rep.  An Idaho sheriff is in hot water for having inmates share disposable razors. Now officials are conducting blood tests to make sure none of the jailbirds have contracted a blood borne disease.  And a few weeks ago, an Alabama sheriff was arrested for underfeeding his inmates and pocketing the leftover money.

Shame, shame, and shame again…

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