Weird Voting Stories

As Birdsong writes this post the polls in many places in the country are still open for a few more hours.  Perhaps, by the time you read this we will know who will be our new President.  Meanwhile Birdsong thought you might get a chuckle from a few weird voting stories he came across on election day, 2008.

Pasco County, FL: The elections supervisor in Pasco rejected a request from a local nudist resort to erect clothing-optional polling booth for their community.  Supervisor Brian Corley said that even though state law does not preclude nude voting, there is not enough time to consider and act on the request this year.

So….Vote today…but get dressed first!

Miami, FL: The polls here opened at 7 am.  It was not much later that a number of would be voters complained because they  discovered that they had been given ballots that listed no Presidential candidates.

Ooooppps!  hard to have Presidential race with no one to vote for.

Westchester, NY: The Westchester County Board of Elections issued a mailing telling Spanish-speaking voters that Election Day is Sunday, November 9, instead of November 4.

Que estupido!

Kenya:  Barack Obama’s Kenyan relatives have reportedly selected a bull to slaughter in celebration, if he wins.

Got it! John McCain wins, or else the bull dies….

Las Vegas, NV: Terrence Tolbert, a New York lobbyist who ran Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in Nevada died of a heart attack just two days before the election.  He was 44.  Tolbert was stricken at about 8 pm Sunday while driving alone in northern Las Vegas.  He died at North Vista Hospital. A Harlem resident, Tolbert left his job as chief lobbyist for New York public schools in Albany to work for Obama.

Wonder if Nevada had early voting?  Sounds like he worked himself to death.

Springfield, IL: The head of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum has been fired after museum officials discovered he had been arrested twice for shoplifting from a mall.  Director Rick Beard, 61, made nearly $250,000 a year in his job.

Ol’ Honest Abe must be spinning in his grave over this.

New York, NY: Bette Midler has opined to gossip columnist Liz Smith, “I haven’t left my house in days.  I watch the news channel incessantly.  All the news stories are about the election; all the commercials are about Viagra and Cialis.  Election, erection, election, erection — either way we’re getting screwed.”

Maybe next time we should all vote by absentee ballot!

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