Weird Criminal Law Stories 16

The election is over.  Birdsong returns to weird criminal law stories.  Dig this…

Switzerland:  No one was arrested, but thank God it wasn’t real. A giant inflatable replica of dog poo blew away from an outdoor art exhibition in Switzerland, tearing down power lines and damaging homes in its path.  The house sized replica turd, was ultimately corralled and brought back to the exhibition.

Who flung poo?

New Jersey: A 20 year old New Jersey woman who got behind the wheel while drunk, and then fled the scene after smashing her car into a utility pole, was caught by police who tracked her using personal papers left at the crash scene, police said.  However, before she could be arrested for the smashup, the unidentified woman crashed into a stone wall about two miles from the original accident.

She should have been driving a bumper car!

Manhattan, NY: A cross-dressing bank robber donned a wig, makeup and women’s clothing to throw police off the scent.  Yet, he got caught because he could not disguise his large nose. Samuel Manoharan, 31,of North Bergen, New Jersey, was arrested as a suspect in five bank heists in Manhattan and Brooklyn because cops were able to clearly identify him from his profile taken by bank surveillance cameras – namely his nose, sources said. “He has very distinguishable features – a very large nose.  His wig couldn’t cover his nose,” said a police source.

Perhaps this is what is meant by sniffing out crime.

New York, NY: A cross dressing man snatched a purse from a 74 year old woman, but left behind a strange clue — a condom filled with water that he had been using as a fake breast. 
The suspect, clad in a short denim skirt and black tube top, fled the scene in a car with two other transvestites.  Police are checking the condom for fingerprint and DNA evidence.

Would you say it was an A cup or a B cup sized condom?

Minnesota: Minnesota police arrested a trio of teens suspected of breaking into a vending machine by following a trail of Cheetos dust back to their home.  When found, the teens were covered in a thin layer of orange dust.

We know…it was really Chester Cheetah that did it.

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