Weird Criminal Law Stories 61

Here are more of those weird criminal law stories Birdsong loves to bring you.

Switzerland: The Swiss have made nude hiking unlawful!  Recently, citizens of the canton of Appenzell Inner Rhodes, in the heart of the Alps, voted overwhelmingly to make nude hiking unlawful.  The practice is apparently big among German tourists who often wear nothing more than hiking boots and socks during warm weather months.

And we thought it bad when German tourists to the U.S. wore white socks and sandals!

Wisconsin: Robbing Peter to Pay Paul?  Police arrested a Wisconsin teen for allegedly breaking into a car and stealing goods so he could get money to pay his lawyer, who was defending him on previous theft charges.  Officers found a GPS system, nine CD’s and seven video games in the teen’s backpack. Actually, he was charged previously with theft, drug possession and disorderly conduct.

The obvious making of a career criminal…

Firecrest, WA:  A good Samaritan octogenarian in Washington State pulled over to help a broken down motorist — who punched him in the face and tried to carjack him.  So 84 year old Ted Mazetier took matters into his own hands — and feet.  “The guy lunged at me and I kicked him in the balls,” he said.  The pained suspect ran, but police quickly nabbed him and an accomplice.


Salem, OR: The Salem Cinema in Oregon rolled out the red carpet for its grand opening — only to have a thief or thieves roll it back up and steal it.  It cost theater owner Loretta Miles $65 to rent the red carpet, and Mike Pearlfein, co-owner of A to Z party Rentals said it would cost $300 to replace.

Bet that wasn’t in the script…

Chicago,IL:  Mr. T was recently summoned to jury duty in this, his hometown, and he did not shirk his responsibility.  “I enjoy doing my civic duty,” he said.  “It’s not about the A-Team, it’s the J-Team — the jury team.”  Fortunately for Chicago criminals, Mr. T was not selected as a jury for any trial.

Pity the fool who would try give this juror any jibber-jabber!

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