Weird Criminal Law Stories 60

Birdsong, again, brings you more of those weird criminal law stories that you have grown to love.

Detroit, MI: Wonderbra news!  A 57 year old Detroit woman was saved from a stray bullet when it deflected off the underwire of her brassiere.  “It slowed the bullet down,” said a police spokesperson.  “She sustained serious injuries but they’re not life threatening.”

Sort of like a bust in the mouth….

La Crosse, WI: This fellow should watch CSI reruns everyday while in the slammer.  Police in La Crosse tracked down a thief who stole a tavern’s safe, thanks to DNA collected from the chewing tobacco spit he left behind at the scene of the crime.  A fisherman found the empty safe washed up on a sandbar in Illinois.


Spokane, WA: Baby needs new diapers…really needs new diapers! A couple strong armed their way out of a Spokane Safeway grocery store by punching out a security guard so they could make off with a pack of huggies, police said.  The man yelled “sorry” as he hit the guard in the face, police, further said.

Yeeeeeewwww…baby shi……..

Paducah, KY: These jurors sound like headline writers.  A jury panel in Paducah declared a man “super guilty,” after hearing the evidence in the case and convicting him of resisting arrest.  Police testified at the trial that it took the use of martial arts, batons and pepper spray to finally subdue the 6-foot-3, 335 pound Darrin Hicks after he struck a woman.

So, where is Rodney King when we need him?

Burnsville, MN: Police arrested a 30 year old Burnsville man for firing arrows into the side of a neighbor’s townhouse.  The suspect was trying to impress a woman, after they had been drinking and become “extremely intoxicated,” police said.  The woman told the police her pal wanted to “play Rambo.”

Liquor can do that to people.

India: Politicians in India are demanding more security after a series of shoe hurling attacks by disgruntled voters.  The shoe tossing phenomenon was touched off late in 2008 when then U.S.  President George W. Bush had to dodge flying footwear hurled at him by an Iraqui journalist during a press conference in Baghdad.

Duck it!

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