Krystal Birdsong's Writings 12

Krystal Birdsong passed away in September 2008.  In honor of her memory Birdsong continues to post some of her writings on this blog.  Krystal had a great imagination and was an excellent writer.  Here is one about a dream she had  just before  her high school graduation. I wonder what it really means?

DREAM —  MAY 8, 2000

Lionnell and I (along w/some others) went for a drive in my mom’s car.  Lionnell drove. We got to the place (sort of like Montgomery Village shopping center) and got out & met up with a bunch of other people.  Pat (from Malcontent) showed up & was blabbering, then I patted his stomach.  Then Brad Petit shows up & suggests driving to New York cause it’s on the way home.

It was 11 o’clock@ night — I said we had to be home since my mom was probably home from her meeting.  Then it was 12 midnight but sunny and we couldn’t find the car.  Pat went to Stephanie.  I got the car keys from Liney & was going to the car & my mom was in it already & said she just wanted to turn around in the parking lot and ended up driving home



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