Weird Criminal Law Stories 44

Birdsong brings you more weird criminal law stories for your reading enjoyment.  Criminals can really be   stupid can’t they?

Ohio:  Working girls need God’s love, too.  A former director of the Ohio governor’s faith based initiatives office was arrested for creating a Web site where johns could post reviews of prostitutes.  Authorities say Robert Eric McFadden also helped organize $10 raffles that offered an evening with a hooker.


Kentucky: This fellow was H2O so stupid stupid.  The Kentucky “bank” an armed robber tried to rob was actually the offices of the local water district, complete with payment windows.  When the man demanded cash, he was told customers had to pay by check only.  He fled empty-handed.

…and red-faced!

Massachusetts; This fellow should eat someplace else.  A 26 year old Massachusetts man has been shot twice within  a year at the same pizza parlor.  Police say an unknown gunman shot the man three times in the legs and abdomen this week at the Golden Pizza.  He is expected to survive.  In April, three people shot him multiple times there.

Sounds like he needs to take that target off his back!

Williamsport, PA: A Pennsylvania teacher mixed her A-B-C’s with some P-O-T, cops say.  Beth Camp, 52, her husband and son were arrested at their home with 72 pounds of marijuana worth about $350,000, police said.  Camp is a 25 year veteran of the Williamsport Area School District.

Career up in smoke!

Iowa: An Iowa man was recently charged with trying to motivate his son to play football by giving him steroids.  police caught on when the 14 year old went into a rage and beat up his mother.  Investigators found a syringe and 105 pills in the boy’s bedroom.

Sounds like he should have beaten up his father….

Walnut Ridge, ARK: Will he ever find eternal rest?  A former employee of a funeral home in Walnut Ridge, broke in one night and began setting up a meth lab in the basement in the middle of the night.  Unfortunately for him, he forgot the sheriff’s office was right across the street.  Cops noticed something was amiss when they spotted lights on and busted him.

How stupid can you get!

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