Weird Criminal Law Stories # 452: See-thru Bikini no, no!

NEW JERSEY: See-thru Bikini no no…Why? A man who wore a bikini fashioned out of plastic wrap on a Jersey shore beach is facing criminal charges. Stephen Wojciehowski, 50, spent two days on the beach wearing the homemade bikini in which his genitals were clearly exposed. The Stafford Township man was arrested in early October, 2016, and charged with lewdness. He was released on his own recognizance. It is unclear whether Wojciehowski has an attorney.

OHIO: The headline read: No pulp please!” It has been reported that Willis Burdette, 72, secretly and unlawfully entered into a 61-year-old woman’s home, ejaculated into her orange juice bottle and then put it back in her fridge. He was caught on security video performing his nasty act inside the home in the city of Massillon.

OHIO: A stinky election tactic? Days before the 2016 fall elections an anti-abortion protester was caught on security camera dumping manure at the Warren County Democratic Party headquarters. James Pinell was charged with criminal mischief, a misdemeanor. PHEW!


PENNSYLVANIA: The headline read: “Slur-time for stupid cop.” A young police officer is out of two jobs after posting a photo of herself in uniform to social media and using a racial slur. The McKeesport Mayor said the white officer identified as Melissa Adamson was a recently hired part-timer who was training as a probationary employee. The image, which was posted on Snapchat, showed Adamson taking a selfie in uniform with the caption, “I’m the law today n—a.” Adamson, who resigned from both the McKeesport and Versailles police forces told a local TV station that she was “not a racist” and apologized, saying posting the image was a “stupid mistake.” It certainly was!!!


PENNSYLVANIA: The headline read: “Here’s the real poop.” A man who flashed a Secret service badge during a traffic stop and to get a hotel discount was discovered to be a fraud by authorities. It has been reported by police that Christopher Diiorio, 53, is actually a worker at Doodle Scoopers, a company that scoops up pet feces. Diiorio pleaded not guilty to federal charges of conspiracy and using a false badge and a fraudulent official seal.

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