Weird Criminal Law Stories # 453: “Instant ‘car’ ma” ?

PENNSYLVANIA: The headline here read: “Instant ‘car’ma.” A driver was arrested by police after he threw a beer bottle out of his car window – and it hit a pole and flew back inside the vehicle. Chase McGrew, 22, accidentally sliced his pal when the bottle came boomeranging back. They were forced to call the police for help and McGrew was charged with reckless endangerment. Idiot!


TEXAS: The headline on this one read: “Cruel cop is ‘s – – t’ canned.” We learn that a San Antonio police officer was fired in fall 2016, after an investigation determined he tried to give a homeless man a sandwich with feces inside it. Police Chief William McManus reported that former officer Matt Luckhurst committed a “vile and disgusting act.” Luckhurst, a five-year member of the force told another officer in May that he had picked up feces, placed it on bread and put it in a container for the homeless man. McManus indicated that the second officer told Luckhurst to retrieve the container but it was not clear whether he did. At least two other officers reported Luckhurst’s actions.


UNITED KINGDOM: Was this guy having a gas? A British man was recently on trial for child abuse after intentionally farting in children’s faces according to authorities who called his behavior “cruel and bullying.” Gary McKenzie, 22, claimed he was just “playing” when he bent over and broke wind in on 12-year-old boy’s face. No word on McKenzie’s punishment.


WASHINGTON: Seems as if Trump is everywhere! A state trooper pulled over a driver recently who was trying to pass off a large cardboard cutout of Donald Trump’s head as a passenger so he could drive in the carpool lane. A report indicates that the trooper indicated “that the driver was a very nice driver and he and the trooper laughed about the incident.”  Nevertheless, the report goes on to reveal that the driver was given a $136 ticket.


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