Weird Criminal Law Stories # 454: A young Nazi goes to jail!

GERMANY: A young Nazi goes to jail where he belongs. A German court sentenced a far-right politician to eight months in Jail recently for displaying a Nazi-style tattoo, siding with prosecutors and stiffening the suspended term he originally received. The case against Marcel Zech centered on a tattoo that appeared to combine an image of the Auschwitz death camp with the slogan from the Buchenwald concentration camp’s gate, “Jedem das Seine” which means to each his own. Zech, 28, admitted displaying the tattoo while visiting a swimming pool. Prosecutors appealed after a district court in Oranienburg gave him a six-month suspended sentence in December 2015. The politician, a member of the far-right National Democratic Party, also had appealed the verdict and sought acquittal. In November 2016 a state court in Neuruppin, north Berlin, upheld the defendant’s conviction for incitement and imposed the new sentence.


ILLINOIS: Easy come, easy go… A newly licensed Chicago lawyer was elected to a judgeship in Chicago but probably will not be able to take the bench. Why? Simple, Rhonda Crawford is up on charges that she impersonated a judge when she was just a law clerk. As a result her law license has been suspended.


 MASSACHUSETTS: They called this a snack attack! We learn that Shemroy Williams, 31 is on his way to prison. Why? In late 2016, he tried to burn down this ex-girlfriend’s house in the town of Taunton by using Cheetos as an accelerant. We do not what she had done to cause his behavior, but we do know he was convicted at trial and sentenced for malicious destruction of property.


MICHIGAN: A new meaning for the term “cat burglar?”  We do not know why the thief did it, but police report a thief broke into a house and stole an actual feline. The thief, who climbed into the Ypsilanti Township house through a window, also nabbed laptop computer. No suspect has been arrested.



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