Weird Criminal Law Stories # 455: Snoop?

PENNSYLVANIA: The new way to snoop on a cheating wife! A suspicious man, who calls himself John, wanted to find evidence that his wife may have been stepping out on him without using the services of a private investigator. John went high-tech. he used a drone to tail his wife of 18 years from 400 feet overhead. He got his suspicions confirmed. The drone recorded video of the wife meeting another man in a drugstore parking lot. John then posted his video on YouTube where it has garnered 900,000 views. Instant marriage on the rocks, maybe?

MISSISSIPPI: The headline read: “He stuck a spork in it ‘cause he was done.” A lawyer dropped his lawsuit against Popeye’s Chicken because too many people made fun of him. Paul Newton choked on a piece of chicken and had to go to the hospital, all because, he said, Popeye’s gave him a spork, not a knife to cut his chicken. “Due to extreme comments directed to me and my family, I have determined not to pursue this matter further,” he said.

GERMANY: News about one of the last of the old Nazis…It has been reported that a German federal court has rejected a former Auschwitz death-camp guard’s appeal against his conviction for being an accessory to murder, a decision greeted as setting a precedent for future prosecutions of Holocaust perpetrators. Oskar Groening, now 95, was originally convicted in July 2015 of being an accessory to the murder of 300,000 Jews and sentenced to four years in prison. The Federal Court of Justice’s decision to uphold his conviction is the first time an appeals court has ruled on a verdict obtained under the logic that simply having served at a death camp is enough to convict someone as an accessory to murders committed there.


AUSTRIA: The headline read: “robbing a bank is a lot easier when the bank is actually open.” Police in Vienna received reports of a man with a gun and with his face covered outside of a bank. The only problem was that the bandit showed up 15 minutes before the bank opened for business, allowing passersby to spot him and call the police. So dumb!



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