Weird Criminal Law Stories # 471: Boom closet

JAPAN: Boom closet?” It has been reported that some residents of Hiroshima, discovered that their broom closet was a boom closet. Yes, they found an unexploded World War II bomb tucked away in a cupboard in May 2017. The Japanese army blocked off the surrounding streets after the startled citizens reported the 18-pound munition. It was removed and detonated elsewhere. It is unclear how the bomb, which was Japanese ended up in the closet.


KANSAS: Do not use turkey feathers to hunt turkeys. Two men, shielding themselves with turkey feathers in hopes of attracting turkeys, were accidentally blasted by hunters in their own party who mistook them for the birds. Gary Dienst and Justin Wiles were shot by Gary’s brother Kenneth but will survive, Kansas wildlife officials said of the accident in Crawford County.


LOUISIANA: “Holy dildos,” Batman. It has been reported that a senior citizen unhappy with his local bookstore got down and dirty. How so? Nelson Lentz, 71, did not tell authorities why he was unhappy with the Books-A-Million in Monroe, La. Nevertheless, he confessed to being the person caught on videotape leaving dildos on the shelves of the store’s religion section.


MASSACHUSETTS: Boy rats out dad. An 11-year-old from the town of Lawrence, called 911 after he found heroin in his father’s suitcase. Earlier in the day, the boy spotted his dad dealing the dope, according to police. Police allegedly found 200 grams of heroin inside luggage belonging to the father, Yamil Mercado, 40. Yes, dad was arrested.


MASSACHUSETTS:  Who in the heck attaches a hammock to their chimney? An Amherst man was hurt recently when his hammock – attached to his chimney on his roof – collapsed. Fire Chief Walter Nelson called the man “extremely lucky” that, when the chimney gave way while he was napping, he suffered only minor injuries.


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