Weird Criminal Law Stories # 470: Dumb Florida Stories

FLORIDA: Training Day Idiot! A Florida Sheriff’s deputy was recently fired for whipping out his service weapon and reciting lines from Denzel Washington’s character in the movie “Training Day.” Dean Zipes, a Lake County Deputy Sheriff, allegedly pulled out the weapon in his office twice before launching into a profanity-laced monologue from the 2001 police drama. Zipes, also, allegedly performed a mock stick-up on a pizza delivery boy.


FLORIDA: Doin’ the wild thing? A couple in St. Petersburg couldn’t resist having a sexual tryst on the front steps of a dental office during broad daylight. According to a police report. David Wheeler, 55, and Merri Anne Bromley, 63, started doing the wild thing outside the office of the Modern Dentistry office in St. Petersburg. Police report that the couple continued their romp even after police arrived and took them to jail.


FLORIDA: A traffic bust? The fashion police should have been called! An Indian River man was wearing a hot-pink bra when police handcuffed him for driving without a proper license. Buford Carroll, 30, was swerving and smelled of alcohol when sheriff deputies pulled him over, according to authorities. Along with his pink bra, Carroll also sported a tattoo of the Statute of Liberty holding a gun. He was arrested for driving with a restricted license.


FLORIDA: DUMMY! A serial thief was foiled by his own bragging Facebook post: a photo of himself flashing a stolen bottle of liquor. Cameron Gore, 21, broke into a pizzeria in Lakeland three times and swiped cash along with a bottle of Red Eye Louie’s Vodquilla. Not long after that, he posted a photo of himself grinning with the liquor bottle while wearing the same T-shirt he wore during one of the burglaries – leading to his arrest, police report. DUMMY!


FLORIDA: He romanced the stone. A Panama City man tried to romance an uninterested lady by leaving a pair of ladies’ underwear in her car as a gift. However, the creeped-out woman, who already had a boyfriend, reported him to police for breaking into her car. Isitro Sanches, 58, was charged with burglary and stalking.



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