Weird Criminal Law Stories # 488: I would like some chicken please…

WISCONSIN:  Heard the one about the drunk man who walked into… It appears from a police report that an alleged drunk driver walked into a phone store – and asked to be served chicken. The strange request inside an ATT&T store in the town of Mount Pleasant, led police to track down Fernando Zamora, 54, of Kenosha, in his Cadillac, officials report. Zamora admitted he had taken Xanax and Adderall earlier in the day – sounds like the Tiger Woods DWI defense.


TAIWAN: It really was his last day of work for several reasons! McDonald’s apologized after a Chinese employee was pictured bathing in the restaurant’s sink. The manager in Taichung City was caught on camera in March by a horrified customer who posted the photo online. The manager said he was washing cake off his body after a celebration on his last day of work. Must have been some celebration.



UNITED KINGDOM: Out, out, damned spot… A school in London apologized for a homework assignment in which teens wrote their own suicide notes. About 60 teens studying Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” at Tallis School were told to pen morbid letters – infuriating parents, who claimed it disturbed their children. The assignment was supposed to help the young people understand Lady Macbeth, who dies “by self and violent hands,” school officials said.


UNITED KINGDOM: Some secret ingredient! We learned recently that a London supermarket supplier boosted its profits by mixing his beef with a secret ingredient – horse meat. Andronicos Sideras, owner of Dinos and Sons Ltd, was convicted of fraud for the “mare-raising” trick.



VIRGINIA: How did he get into the home? In late July, a woman called the police to report noises she had been hearing in her house – only to find out that it was actually a homeless man living in her attic. Anthony Jones, 60, was arrested and charged with unlawful entry after officers found him hanging out in the woman’s residence in Arlington. Jones had with him a backpack, some clothes and bedding. He is now sleeping in the Arlington County jail.


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