Weird Criminal Law Stories # 489: What a Boob!

CALIFORNIA: What a boob! A woman won an $18,000 judgment against a plastic surgeon who posted pictures of her surgically enhanced breasts – along with her name. Mandi Stillwell, 39, maintained she had agreed to let Fresno surgeon Dr. Enraquita Lopez to take photos of her bare breasts for advertising, as long as she remained anonymous. Months later, Stillwell’s name and breast photos were online. Opps…


CHINA: Perhaps, she could not face her problems. We learn that a Chinese woman transformed her appearance recently with plastic surgery in an effort to avoid paying off millions in personal debts. Zhu Najuan, 59, of Wuhan, owed $3.71 million when she had the surgery. When caught by the police in recent weeks, officers said she looked half her age – but fingerprints do not lie.


FLORIDA: Beach Ban? A 73-year-old man was banned from a Florida beach after a parent complained he was handing out business cards that read, “Sugar daddy seeking sugar baby.” Richard Basaraba must stay off the beach for six months for violating an ordinance that prohibits soliciting on the beach, according to Volusia County Beach Safety Capt. Tammy Marris. Basaraba said he was “devastated” by what he called an overreaction. He allegedly handed an 18-year-old girl a card that featured a picture of a young woman sitting on an older man’s lap.


FLORIDA: The headline read, “peek in the police car before trying to steal it. A young moron tried to force open the passenger side door of a police cruiser – with Fort Pierce officer Robie Troutman was sitting behind the wheel, prosecutors said. The suspect, Aaron Rodriguez, 20, took off, but the Troutman and fellow officers made a quick arrest.


AUSTRALIA: The headline on this one read, “If the shoe fits…” A woman was arrested for trying to smuggle cocaine in the heel of her shoes. The suspect, on a fight from LA to Sydney, had 4.4 pounds of coke in her shoes as well as in other items of clothing, officials said.


CALIFORNIA:  Say Cheese and smile? We learn that FBI agents in San Francisco are searching for the so-called “Smiling Face Bandit,” a six-time bank robber who always wears a big grin during his stick-ups. Authorities find it is not a laughing matter because they contend that the bandit carried a weapon in four of the six heists since May 20. He is considered to be armed and dangerous.


CANADA: Bring home the bacon? A farmer is offering $1,000 worth of bacon to anyone willing to snitch and help local police catch thieves targeting his Nov Scotia farm. Melvin Burns, of Moo Nay Farms near Halifax, said thieves have taken $5,000 worth of his power tools, pigs, piglets and hens since late June. If the bandits are hard up for cash, Burns said, he would even like to offer them work.









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