Weird Criminal Law Stories # 562: Fake Kidnap Ring?

NEW YORK: Fake kidnap ring busted, read the headline. It has been reported that authorities have charged three men with extorting money from dozens of people from across New York state by falsely claiming to have kidnapped their relatives and threatening to harm them unless a ransom was paid. In late May, the state Attorney General announced that a 27-year-old man from Puerto Rico and two Syracuse men, ages 26 and 40, have been charged with multiple counts of grand larceny, attempted grand larceny, coercion and conspiracy. More than 55 people were victimized, and no one was actually kidnapped, according to authorities.

PENNSYLVANIA: Huge stink over road rage? A PA man got so angry during an argument at an intersection, he allegedly pooped on another driver to get revenge. Henry Weaver, 69, was charged with harassment for allegedly pulling the “crappy” move on route 309 in Heidelberg Township.

TEXAS: Hiss, hiss, bite… A Texan decapitated a rattlesnake – but it bit him anyway. Milo Sutcliffe and wife Jennifer were doing yard work t their Lake Corpus Christi home when the 4-foot-long snake emerged. Milo attacked it with a shovel, lopping off its head. The head bit him when he tried to toss it in the trash. Milo needed 26 doses of antivenom his wife said.

WISCONSIN:  Yes, he was “lovin’ it.” A wanted man stopped for a snack at a McDonald’s while being chased by police. Jack Rasmussen, 50, was pulled over for a traffic stop in the town of Bloomer, where police learned that there was a warrant out for his arrest. He then sped off, made a pit stop at the fast food joint – and asked that he be allowed to finish his Big Mac before he was taken into custody.

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