Weird Criminal Law Stories # 561: Stinky Passenger

PORTUGAL: A stinking flight, maybe? A jet in route to Gran Canaria, Spain made an emergency landing in Portugal because one passenger’s body odor was so terrible. The Transavia Airlines flight from Amsterdam diverted when other passengers began vomiting. The crew tried quarantining the smelly fellow in a restroom, but pilots soon had to land.

MARYLAND: Dine & dash dummy. A man chowed down at restaurants and dashed out before paying – only to later write glowing reviews of the food online. The serial dine and dasher, who is known for wearing a fedora hat, struck more than a dozen restaurants, bars, and coffee shops in the Baltimore area. Afterward, he left several five-star reviews on TripAdvisor, gushing that one of the eateries was, “A TREAT!!!!”

NEW ZEALAND: He was in a real toe jam, read the headline. The unidentified 28-year-old was charged in late June with stealing two human toes, from an exhibit of preserved bodies in Auckland. He faces up to seven years in prison. The toes, estimated to be worth #3,815, were returned to the Body Worlds Vital display.

UKRAINE: “Get a room, not a roof,” read the headline. A horney couple risked their lives having sex on the sloped roof or a four-story building in the city of Lviv. At one point they rolled very close to the edge. “Go for it,” the photographer who posted it on social media yelled.       

UNITED KINGDOM: What boobs did this? It has been reported that a British woman went into surgery an awoke to find surgeons had given her unwanted breast implants according to a lawsuit. Donna White, 44, says doctors at the Great Western Hospital in Wiltshire, England, were supposed to perform a double mastectomy which she requested because her family has a history of breast cancer. Instead, she claims the professional “boobs” stuffed her with large fake breasts without her consent.

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