Weird Criminal Law Stories # 563: Oh Crap!

PENNSYLVANIA: Oh Crap! It has been reported that Rasheem Drummond, 34, of Harrisburg, about to be tried for robbery and pistol-whipping, allegedly sent prosecutors what they thought was a pretrial letter. However, when they opened the envelope they found only fecal Matter,” according to court records. Drummond was then slapped with an additional charge of aggravated harassment.

NEW ZEALAND: They say he was getting the “shaft.” We learn that an Auckland man was so fed up with his pothole complaints being ignored, he spray-painted cartoon penises on the road to get officials’ attention – and the startled authorities now say they will look into the issue.

RUSSIA: Let’s get it on… An amorous couple in the city of Yaroslavl north of Moscow was caught having sex in full view in an all glass cab of a giant Ferris wheel. The “randy rotators” face a possible fine and up to 15 days in jail, authorities said.

TENNESSEE: A naked cowboy far off the range? Jacob Hodge, 28, of Madisonville, dressed like the Times Square’s naked cowboy – in underwear and a ten-gallon hat – was arrested for allegedly drunkenly cursing and roughing up a police officer at a Walmart. Hodge was charged with public intoxication, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

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