Weird Criminal Law Stories # 564: Hot Shot…

OHIO: The oven was a hot shot! It has been reported that Robin Garlock, 44, received wounds to both shoulders while trying to retrieve a handgun he had hidden inside of the broiler unit of his oven. Police in the town of Warren report Garlock put the gun in the oven because children were coming over. His girlfriend, unaware of the gun’s presence, turned on the oven to bake a cake Sunday in June. Garlock was struck by bullets or bullet fragments when they exploded inside the gun police maintained.

OHIO: OINK… Police in North Ridgeville, Ohio, received a report of a pig following a man home from a train station. A police car was dispatched and picked up the pig. Local police wrote on Facebook that anyone who jokes about a pig in a police car and ‘thinks they’re funny is actually unoriginal and trying too hard.”

FLORIDA: Cabbie revenge? A drunken parking valet has been accused of stealing a luxury car from an impound lot. Kevin Jones allegedly took a cab to a Key West impound lot, scaled a fence and rammed his way out in a Mercedes Benz early on a Friday in June. However, the cab driver called police on him for skipping out on his $46.25 fare. Yes, he was arrested – grand theft auto.

OREGON: Video game idiot? A man on LSD was so high he thought he was in the video game “Grand Theft Auto” when he stole a car and led police on a 40-mile chase. Anthony Clark, 23, swerved on and off a highway, crashed through gates and drove the wrong way and drove over spike strips because, he told officers who arrested him, he thought he was in a video game and the police were “trying to catch him.”

OKLAHOMA: Burn, baby burn… A man who was arrested for drunken driving made matters worse when he allegedly set fire to his booking paperwork in front of police officers. Michael Sanchez, 30, was arrested for running a stop sign, but  police in the town of Sapula tacked an arson charge onto his rap sheet after he set his booking paper on fire with a cigarette lighter.

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