Weird Criminal Law Stories # 565: Bumbling Burglars

AUSTRALIA: Caught for burglary on cameras they stole? It appears that a group of bumbling thieves were accidentally recording themselves committing a burglary and getting high afterward.  “Surveillance cameras were stolen during the incident – all the while live-streaming footage of the burglary was being sent to the owner’s mobile phone,” Queensland police said.

CANADA: “This prankster is feeling pretty deflated.” read the headline. A man who calls himself BrodieTV, was arrested for tying 10 helium balloons to a blow-up sex doll and sent it floating into seaplane flight paths over Vancouver Harbor. “Just wanted to let everyone know that in Canada you must have no fun,” he tweeted.

CANADA: It wasn’t the squirrels this time. Rob Morin and Paul Habib, who live in Montreal, suspected squirrels were stealing their tomatoes and strawberries off their porch. However, a security camera caught the true culprit – their mailman, who they  promptly reported to his boss.

FLORIDA: Bad excuse…  A driver told police his behind the wheel drinking didn’t amount to DWI – because he only downed swigs of whiskey at stop signs. Police didn’t agree with him. Earle Stevens, 69, was allegedly drunk when his car tapped a woman’s car at a Vero Beach McDonald’s drive thru. Police found a bottle of Jim Beam beside him in his car.

FLORIDA: Prince Fraudster! It has been reported that Anthony Gignac did a great job posing as a Saudi prince interested in investing hundreds of millions of dollars in Miami Beach’s iconic Fontainebleau hotel, according to a police report. However, the hotel owner, after giving Gignac $50,000 in gifts, became very suspicious when the Muslim prince wolfed down pork and bacon at a breakfast meeting. Gignac is now facing multiple fraud charges.

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