Weird Criminal Law Stories # 566: Not Much of a Prophet…

ETHIOPIA: He was not much of a prophet. A self-styled Ethiopian prophet wannabe was arrested after he failed to bring a dead man back to life. Getayawkal Ayele convinced a family that he could resurrect their relative, Belay Bitfu. He told them the biblical story of Lazarus, then laid down on the corpse and hollered, “Belay awake.” When the deceased Belay did not stir police were called to help save the phony charlatan from abuse from the family. He was charged by police with abusing a corpse.

IOWA:  Maybe he is a monster? A man named King Kong – really – was arrested recently after allegedly chasing children and threatening eat them. Witnesses say King Kong Choul mumbled he would put “seasoning” on them and “cut them to pieces.” Fortunately, he was charged with harassment.

IRELAND: “Bam chop!” read the headline.  A man who took his pet sheep, Chops, into a Lidl, supermarket and pleaded with shoppers not to buy lamb products struck a store security guard with a metal pole after he was asked to leave. Andrew Meneice, 33, was sentenced in Mid-July 2018 to four months in jail for the July 2017 incident.

KANSAS: The headline read, “He’s hot for hot rods.” A drunken man allegedly tried to have “sex” with the tailpipe of a parked car – not once, but twice. Neighbors saw Ryan Malek, 23, allegedly attempting to insert his penis into a vehicle that didn’t belong t him near an apartment complex in the town of Newton. Police  later saw him pulling the same move – and he was charged with lewd and lascivious behavior.

KENTUCKY: Possible courtroom drug dealing? A Mount Olive woman allegedly arrested for making terroristic threats tried to sell meth inside a courtroom while she waited for the judge to take the bench. A security guard said he overheard Telby Fields, 24, trying to hawk the drug to three people in the back of the courtroom. Ms. Fields allegedly bolted from the courtroom and led police on a chase that ended with her arrest.

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