Weird Criminal Law Stories # 608: Who flung poo?

TENNESSEE: Who flung poo??? A belligerent guest at a Memphis hotel caused a scene, flinging feces and urine-soaked towels at staffers and fellow guests. Police were called to the Airport Inn three times before finally arresting Burnestine Wright, 53, on charges that included assault, disorderly conduct, vandalism – and public intoxication.

TEXAS: Wine and Pringles on a scooter… A woman was arrested for cruising around her local Walmart parking lot in an electric shopping cart while sipping wine from a Pringles can. Wichita Falls police later caught up with the unidentified woman at a nearby restaurant and informed her she had been banned from the Walmart store.

UTAH: Big Bite? A hot-tub argument over conspiracy theories in North Salt Lake, got so heated in early January 2019 that Bryan Boyack, 43, allegedly bit off a “large chunk” of another man’s ear. The victim who called police from a hospital emergency room, said the quarrel turned physical when Boyack started spouting off conspiracy theories about big corporations and the victim revealed he worked for a major bank.

UNITED KINGDOM: Upskirt ban in Britain! It has been reported that of January 1, 2019, taking “upskirt” photos is now illegal. Parliament OK’d an anti-voyeurism bill that would ban covertly photographing under people’s clothes. It carries a maximum penalty of two years in prison.  Gina Martin, 26, campaigned to ban upskirting after she chased down a man who had placed a phone between her legs and taken a picture while she was at a crowded music festival in London’s Hyde park in 2017. She discovered that the practice was not an offense and launched a campaign for a law forbidding the practice.

ARIZONA: In vino veritas? A Mesa woman who was pulled over for allegedly driving 110 mph after fleeing police. reportedly told the officer, “You know I am drunk.” Taylor Ashburn, 21, faces an “extreme DUI” rap.

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