Weird Criminal Law Stories # 607: Bum Rap!

FLORIDA: A real “bum” rap! We learn that a jailbird swears he got a bum rap. Wesley Scott, 40, despite his prior drug arrests and despite being caught with three syringes up his rear end, told Pinellas County Jail officials he had no idea how the paraphernalia got there, police said.

CALIFORNIA: Back to prison food for him… We learn that a fugitive escaped from prison in California but was caught at a Taco Bell 200 miles away, officials said. Shalom Mendoza was arrested in Paso Robles four days after breaking out of San Quentin when a tipster recognized him.

TENNESSEE: Maybe he was hiding something… It has been reported that Memphis jailers grew suspicious of a lump in the pants of Freddrick Johnson, 30, an inmate they were processing on a trespassing charge. Mr. Johnson claimed that the bulge was his genitalia, officials said. However, when they threatened with a strip search, he handed over a 2.5-foot machete he had hidden under a grill of his belly flesh.

FLORIDA: Dimwit! A man was caught driving with narcotics and tried to prevent Big Pine Key police from searching his car by locking his keys inside. Unfortunately for Charles Garcia, 40, police called a locksmith.

AUSTRALIA: Scream for help, no? Police swarmed a home when neighbors reported hearing a man screaming “Why don’t you die? – at a spider. “No injuries sighted (except to the spider). No further police intervention required,” the Wanner Police Department tweeted after the false alarm.

MARYLAND: KA-BOOM? A recent Baltimore gun buyback event took in more than 1,000 firearms – and a rocket launcher. Police are trying to track the origins of the weapon, which was traded in for $500.

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