Weird Criminal Law Stories # 606: Fuh-keen-great?

NEW HAMPSHIRE: A Vietnamese Food fight? A fight is raging over a sign in a local restaurant. Officials in the town of Keene ordered the restaurant to take down a sign, which boasted of its signature dish, pho, pronounced “Fuh.” The sign bragged: “fuh-keen-great.”

INDIANA: Stripped!! A 90-year-old cyclist was stripped of his gold medal for taking performance-enhancing drugs, officials said. Carl Grove of Bristol won the Masters Track National Championship sprint cycling race last summer. However, race officials found synthetic steroids in his system.

FLORIDA: Joke Bomb? A sheriff’s deputy has resigned after telling authorities he was the one who sent a toy bomb to a colleague as a joke. Pinellas County Deputy James Piper, 59, quit after admitting he was behind the “fake bomb” sent to a lieutenant in early January 2019. The office had to be evacuated while the Tampa Police Bomb Squad determined the bomb was a hoax.

FLORIDA: “If only he had some garlic,” read the headline. A man was arrested the last week in December 2018 for burning down his own house. Why? He feared that vampires were coming to get him. “The vampires are going to defend themselves,” Melvin Weaver, 64, allegedly told his wife before throwing insulation from his ceiling onto the lit burners of the kitchen stove.

ITALY: Price gauging, maybe? It has been reported that Taiwanese tourists called the police on a gelato shop in Florence, that charged them $30 for a single ice ream cone. A worker at the unnamed parlor allegedly told the visitors, “Our ice creams cost a lot because they are so tasty.” Nevertheless, authorities hit the shop with a $2,300 fine for concealing a price list and overcharging.

NEW JERSEY: Little arithmetic cheat. A 6-year-old boy was caught by his mother asking Alexia to do his arithmetic homework. In the aftermath, Alexia will be switched off when the kid is doing school assignments.

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