Weird Criminal Law Stories # 609: Prescription Mix-Up

UNITED KINGDOM: A real prescription mix-up. We learn that a Scottish woman with dry eye was mistakenly given erectile-dysfunction cream. The Glasgow patient suffered chemical injuries including blurred vision, a swollen eyelid and redness after using the cream. It appears that the mishap occurred when a local pharmacist misread the woman’s prescription for Vita-Pos, a lubricant for dry eye and corneal erosions, as Vitaros, a cream for erectile dysfunction, according to a case study published in December 2018 in the BMJ Journal.

CANADA:  Old folks Bingo brawl? A game of bingo turned into a brawl at a nursing home. When a 79-year-old woman took an 86-year-old’s usual game seat at their Rideau Lakes, Ontario, home the women got into a fistfight that escalated into a melee involving other residents, police said. The fight ended without injury when police arrived.

CANADA: The headline read, “Canadians are so polite – even the carjackers.” A gun wielding thief stole a woman’s SUV in Alberta. However, before driving off, he asked if she needed anything. When she said her phone, purse, and lunch, the man handed them over and, before driving away, told her, “I’m sorry.”

CANADA: Smuggling suckers? A man was caught with 5,000 live leeches in his suitcase, police said. The unnamed suspect, caught in Toronto returning from Russia, claimed he uses waste from the worms to fertilize his own orchids. The quantity of the leeches had customs officials believing the suspect planned to sell the suckers. There is no information on whether the leeches were quarantined.

VIRGINIA: His dream came true? It has been reported that a speed demon led police on a blistering chase across three counties – because “it was his lifelong dream to run from police,” authorities said. After fulfilling his dream Dejuane Wilson, 24, was arrested on charges of eluding police, at speeds of 130 mph, and then posed for the police with a big smile on his face.

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